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Gender Selection with Sperm Sorting and IUI

ZDL, Inc.In the first option, sperm manipulation as a means for preconception sex determination is carried out to increase the percentage of sperm of the desired gender used for intrauterine insemination or In Vitro Fertilization. This highly sophisticated and efficient modality utilizes our laboratories which provide with sperm specimens separated using their technology.

The technology is not experimental and is available for use for all of our patients from all over the World. The resulting separated sperm may be then processed for intrauterine insemination (IUI) or, with even greater success for use in our IVF program and IVF/PGD program.

Below are some frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Sperm is put in a special test tube. The male sperm swim down, the slower female sperm are "out ran" by the male sperm. By capturing and using the desired sperm sex during this separation, the sex ratio of the baby can be manipulated.

Once desired gender is selected, the sperm can fertilize an egg either with standard IUI or IVF techniques.

What are the odds of success?

Currently 80% chance for boy, 72% chance for girl.

Why Should I have Sperm Selection done?

Cost. Though the sperm selection procedure is not 100% guaranteed as in PGD, it does cost 15 times less.

Some of the most common reasons for having the Sperm Selection procedure are:

    • Diseases -- Avoid the expression of any sex linked diseases and get a healthy child
    • Family Balancing -- If you already have a child of one sex or gender you may choose to have the second child of the opposite sex or the desired sex to meet your specific desires for your family.

Will Sperm Selection damage my sperm or embryo?


What other risks are there?

Absolutely zero risks

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